Let’s do a Podcast.

Looks like one of the most fun things to do today.  I love the Joe Rogan oneonone format but in our case we have people all over the world so we communicate that way, not to say we won’t have live studio guests.  There are experts all over the world who love to talk about their work who would love to be a guest.  For example, Stephen Hawking on The Big Bang Theory.

Calling podcast enthusiasts who think we can make an interesting podcast.  And still make it funny.

No examples.  More like stuff from your own head that makes an interesting podcast.

I have some thoughts, if not the whole concept.

If you think, yeah that sounds okay but not for me, consider yourself guest material.

Our podcast is called The Quest For Gravity Control (working title) and will appear on seehear.net.  There will be comedy and silly, music and singing, interesting conversations which include the subject of gravity control and myriad other topics.  Maybe we’ll form a band called The Quest For Gravity Control.  Maybe we’ll have great shows with great people from all over the world.

Our podcast looks like a way of communicating unlike before.  And we’re late.

If you have interest shoot me a quick email and tell me how you can help.

What we need is a great techno geek, a young one.

An angel geek would be rich and be inspired by David Barclay’s Unity theory on gravity control.  He/she would be producer of the podcast which would not only include audio video lighting mixing but also the ability to look up something really fast and act as expert on points of contention.  Someone like Jamie the whiz behind the Joe Rogan Show, the mysterious near anonymous genius who must be young, like me, a kid who knew radio before tv.  Jamie was born into computers and probably knows more than most people will ever know, someone born into our introduction to everything digital and he just understands it better than someone like me, born before tv.

I said, no examples but here’s a Joe Rogan podcast.  Note the sound is great, the lighting is calm, the room is friendly.  What you don’t see mostly is Jamie at master control.

What you do see is a podcast.  Two people talking.  This example is quite special, Joe Rogan, world’s most popular podcaster and more, with guest Whitney Cummings, an amazing intellect and comedian and as Joe said, a most aggressive internalist, someone who beats herself up for not being as good as she can be.  Whitney Cummings, listen to her version of personal perfectionism, ambition and her incredible “ruthless introspection”.  And if you’re listening, her morality shines.


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