One Scary Movie

I first saw this film when I was eleven.  I’m watching it now.

There are two remakes of this film but this is the original, where the remakes came from.

The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

In later years some interpreted the story to be communist propaganda.

As I watch it now I don’t see that, the story isn’t a metaphor, it’s a psychological fantasy.  I liked the Donald Sutherland version for other reasons but for me, this is the classic.

I’m biased because I was alive in ’55 and relate by catapulting myself back to the memory of the time, the fifties.  The remakes thus bother me because in trying to be true they advance the story for the time and end up being a parody like the Dino Delaurentis remake of King Kong.  We can debate about the Peter Jackson version but like this film, I liked the original.  This is that, colourized.