My Life as a Podcaster

As the BBC newscaster once said when he wasn’t delivered the news,

“Good Evening.  There is no news tonight.  Goodnight.”

My life as a podcaster has yet to begin, all the stuff….first, we should concentrate on long distance unless we can do a face to face which is better.  Skype okay?  I liked Gizmo but eventually we couldn’t communicate on it anymore.  Skype is best because everybody has skype and a mic and camera, well, not every single soul but everybody sports a pretty smart phone that communicates with his computer when he gets back home.  Ok, let’s say no computer and no home, still, smart people know how to work that amazing computer they hold in their hand.  If you can make it work it will work for you, just grab the reins and yeehaw.

My life as a podcaster depends most on who will save me from obscurity or worse.  Never a podcaster.  On the other hand, with the help of an expert interested we’ll be flying into interlocutory conversations where one person says something and the other person responds perhaps by hitting a punchline that makes everybody laugh.  Also I respond to ufos, the universe, time travel which leads to gravity control.  But not just that.  A live podcast can be many things from a conversation with two people which can be ideal or it can be an event or at an event.

A podcast is infinite.  I would also like to make it fun and funny.

Not too much politics. 

Can we say, more like an overview without a side, without a dog in the fight.  Which means, whatever anybody utters during the course of conversation won’t be censored, good or bad.  It’s live casting and if and once it goes out it’s up there for review.

Currently I’m struggling with new software and my problem is that I know nothing.  Well, that’s not true.  I now know that maybe I’m too stupid to be working this end of the podcast.

Do we have any Podcast Nerds in the house?

Please reply