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I’ve climbed and have been inside the great pyramind of Cheops and in Mexico I borrowed a tourist’s camera, climbed the pyramid of The Sun, I felt like somehow I was first to make this climb showing how stupid I prefer ignorant I was….when I climbed the last step I pulled myself up to a small crowd who already did this climb before me and guys selling water and ice cream or something like it.  I turned and took a picture of the lady who loaned me her camera along with Bev my then wife and other folks who might have printed as a very few pixels.  Never got a snapshot of that momentous event where I took this pic that showed the lady who owned the camera as dots.  No wonder she never sent me a pic.

So, let’s say, the above is a conversation on a podcast.  Two or three people all engrossed.  One comedian, one author, one archaeologist, one skeptic.  And a producer, Jamie who also chimes in when he has something.

And now, let’s tune in to the world’s most popular podcast today.

As we join Joe Rogan and guests we get to see and hear a podcast that looks and sounds good.  Drop by and hear banter about things that happened hundreds of thousands of years ago and it’s such banter but if you like this stuff as I do, watch at your own risk….no just watch this, if we can be a podcast let’s use this as a Bing!  A good one.  Not that we have to have famous talkers but I like this podcast where famous people get riled over ancient history and the possibility of previous civilizations teaching newer ones like Egypt and Sumeria.

A fascinating conversation, a good podcast.