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Once our podcast is up and running we’ll be able to discuss great art like this.

And other stuff, such as my fascination with insects and the communication I’ve had with some of them. Just anecdotal stuff but there was a first time I got a preying mantis not to be afraid and felt comfy on my hand. It walked out on my finger. I turned my finger in the opposite direction and it turned its head around and looked me in the eye.
Since then, moths, bees, wasps, hornets, and a big fat yellow and black bee like guy who flies gracefully, and dragon flies. Once, even ants. I was swimming in a pool saving insects drowning and putting them ‘onshore’ and a big red ant came over and seemed to look me in the eye, my eye level and his or her’s? were equal. That ant saw me and we met by the pool. It wasn’t love but it was the love of the contact. Fucking amazing that you can communicate with insects. The ones I’ve known became friendly and didn’t want to leave the house but I managed to convey that there was no food inside, fly, fly away my mothy pal.
His grip on my finger his tiny claws released and he or she, couldn’t be sure, flew away. And I was richer for the experience. I’ve been friends with some beautiful moths.

The Gravity Control Psychiatrist

When I was five someone said, what do you want to be when you grow up.  I said, psychiatrist.  My young and tiny mind thought that I could skip surgery and just suddenly be an expert when I grew up.  Somehow I still clung to the idea of good will giving to those in need and still feel I can do it today as a total amateur.  I have about 65 years of experience, whatever your problem, compelled to help those in distress mentally male or female from the clutches of everyday life.  Hmm, three years unaccounted for, being now 73.  What happened between the age of five and eight?  I have no idea.  Maybe I was ruminating on the future chance of being a psych guy.

But nevermind all this low math.  I’ve decided to hang out my shingle.

The GC Psychiatrist 

Send your enquiries to me and I’ll answer you personally.

Life is shit but we can climb out of it.  All you need is encouragement to get back on the horse and ride into the sunset or sunrise of happiness.  If you are sad you can’t achieve your goals.  If you are happy you can.

If you are sad you can’t.  So don’t worry, be happy.

But if you’re not so happy and think I might offer some kind of uplifting help which I would, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:

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Monkey School

It wasn’t always a quick trip to Samui (in the Gulf of Thailand).  There was the overnight boat where you bought a space on the bottom of the boat floor, enough to ly down on and the boat crossed the 30 miles to the island in about six hours maybe more.  Then there was a cigarette boat that took just a couple hours barring big waves.  Yeah, big waves swamped us, people were rushing to close their windows.  They cut the engines cuz the boat wasn’t built to cut through big waves.  So we sat there like a bobbing cork waiting….twenty minutes later after some bobbing and weaving with the waves….sorry I’m getting sick thinking about it.

During my time here I have so often noticed monkeys climbing up palm trees and throwing down the coconuts.

Turns out these monkeys go to monkey school for two years to learn how to pick those coconuts.

Sorry no English talk or text on this.  What’s fascinating to me is the bond between the guy and his monkey.  An incredible understanding between two Earth species.  A beautiful sight.  (cue the background music for the language deprived)

Then click the Monkey School video below.