My Life as a Podcaster

As the BBC newscaster once said when he wasn’t delivered the news,

“Good Evening.  There is no news tonight.  Goodnight.”

My life as a podcaster has yet to begin, all the stuff….first, we should concentrate on long distance unless we can do a face to face which is better.  Skype okay?  I liked Gizmo but eventually we couldn’t communicate on it anymore.  Skype is best because everybody has skype and a mic and camera, well, not every single soul but everybody sports a pretty smart phone that communicates with his computer when he gets back home.  Ok, let’s say no computer and no home, still, smart people know how to work that amazing computer they hold in their hand.  If you can make it work it will work for you, just grab the reins and yeehaw.

My life as a podcaster depends most on who will save me from obscurity or worse.  Never a podcaster.  On the other hand, with the help of an expert interested we’ll be flying into interlocutory conversations where one person says something and the other person responds perhaps by hitting a punchline that makes everybody laugh.  Also I respond to ufos, the universe, time travel which leads to gravity control.  But not just that.  A live podcast can be many things from a conversation with two people which can be ideal or it can be an event or at an event.

A podcast is infinite.  I would also like to make it fun and funny.

Not too much politics. 

Can we say, more like an overview without a side, without a dog in the fight.  Which means, whatever anybody utters during the course of conversation won’t be censored, good or bad.  It’s live casting and if and once it goes out it’s up there for review.

Currently I’m struggling with new software and my problem is that I know nothing.  Well, that’s not true.  I now know that maybe I’m too stupid to be working this end of the podcast.

Do we have any Podcast Nerds in the house?

Please reply



The Diamond Battery

Nuclear waste has become the dangerous result of the nuclear age.

So far, we’ve dropped nuclear waste into the ocean, buried it in land and deep into mountain caves.  Whoopie, it’s gone, uh yeah, maybe in thousands of years.

Along comes the diamond battery which eats nuclear waste and as a battery device can power a low volt toy such as your phone for a thousand years and I’m sure in that amount of time they’ll scale it up.

Here’s a recent report but altho out of date still contains a good amount of straight talk.

Remnants of the nuclear age with a happy ending?  I don’t think so.  Something that powerful if it exploded might take out a large mass.  Our alkaline batteries are pretty deadly if they explode.  Imagine if something with the power of a thousand years suddenly went wrong.  The chance of someone pulling the trigger would increase a lot, perhaps billions would have their finger on that trigger if they wanted to.  Sounds like a bit of a risk compared to a hundred or so responsible politicians who feel they would be somewhat devastated if he/she were the one so they don’t do it.  Unless you aspire to the no win philosophy.  Whoopee we’re all gonna die*Joe Fish but that was satire, he didn’t mean it.

If the same danger lies within the diamond battery that has now been revealed to us about nuclear power and its undisposable waste, I’d say no, it’s the last gasp of a nuclear path that needs to go away.  Maybe later.

Meanwhile the magnet motor still solves the range problem of current batteries.


More Cool Conversations

I’ve climbed and have been inside the great pyramind of Cheops and in Mexico I borrowed a tourist’s camera, climbed the pyramid of The Sun, I felt like somehow I was first to make this climb showing how stupid I prefer ignorant I was….when I climbed the last step I pulled myself up to a small crowd who already did this climb before me and guys selling water and ice cream or something like it.  I turned and took a picture of the lady who loaned me her camera along with Bev my then wife and other folks who might have printed as a very few pixels.  Never got a snapshot of that momentous event where I took this pic that showed the lady who owned the camera as dots.  No wonder she never sent me a pic.

So, let’s say, the above is a conversation on a podcast.  Two or three people all engrossed.  One comedian, one author, one archaeologist, one skeptic.  And a producer, Jamie who also chimes in when he has something.

And now, let’s tune in to the world’s most popular podcast today.

As we join Joe Rogan and guests we get to see and hear a podcast that looks and sounds good.  Drop by and hear banter about things that happened hundreds of thousands of years ago and it’s such banter but if you like this stuff as I do, watch at your own risk….no just watch this, if we can be a podcast let’s use this as a Bing!  A good one.  Not that we have to have famous talkers but I like this podcast where famous people get riled over ancient history and the possibility of previous civilizations teaching newer ones like Egypt and Sumeria.

A fascinating conversation, a good podcast.


Podcast Test

This a skype conversation that took place over two years ago when you could video record on a Mac.

Testing testing….

Street Musician Amazing

I’ve seen similar videos in every musical city and this one is from Melbourne, been there, a weekend, everybody went home and threw a shrimp on the barbie and I was almost stuck in my hotel with no room service.  Anyway, I hope this guy went on to better things.  As the headline says, he’s brilliant.

See Podcast Here

Well, not to misinform you, yes here, just not right now.

I recall Donald Trump saying a funny thing to me which was,


Since See Hear doesn’t have a Comment Site or forum, just contact me directly at

We need guests.

The Quest For Gravity Control Podcast as seen on See Hear

That’s the plan.  

Anyone wanna help or be a guest, please contact me directly as above.

That’s it for now.  Wait, I can’t just leave you like that.

Ok, adios, hasta la visa, let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah.

Hokey doodle we’re making a podcast and you’re all invited.