Music Break

I never report on World War Three but I did and whoopyding, nothing happened, yet.

Meanwhile tension remains and while it does may I recommend Tibetan Bells to help ease your mind.

Or maybe this The Who? Guess Who? No, The Who. oh

It never seems to end but there’s good music along the way.

I recorded this at Secret Garden here on Samui, an almost perfect recording, an almost perfect performance, a perfect studio, no walls, sometimes a reminder of the sea whisper lapping.


It was great live and that live recording takes me back.

A studio with no walls, true, the stage of Secret Garden that faced the sea with a roof with fans and lights and a backwall but that’s it.  The rest was open to the audience and the sea.  The back wall was the only acoustic to boost the sound out but it was also to not show people walking by in the back on their way to pee.

Yeah, Secret Garden, look it up.  New acts every week, come on down.

Sorry, that’s my adThought kicking in.

Podcast.  Mmm.

World War Three

Ah, the big non nuclear bomb they dropped, 20 thousand pounds, supposedly killed a bunch of isis folk.

It’s a a big show as to who blinks and who backs down.  China now says they’ll take care of N Korea.  This is a great offering.

Let’s see if it all cools down before some error makes everything go kaboom.  It’s Kim Jung Un’s birthday today and he said watch for a dazzling demonstration.

Poor kid.  He could free his people by executing himself and his brass.  He’s been saying crazy things like he’s going to nuke Japan and Hawaii and American bases.

Meanwhile Trump has sent nuclear bombers and a fleet of naval ships.  As it stands, America, China, Japan and Russia are poised to nuke North Korea.

Can these threats be disguised as a cry for help from a starving people so out but wanting to be in the loop with the rest of the world.  ?  Not quite so simple, say the elite who survived Kim Jong Il and now serve his son.

Like Trump needs to drain the swamp, North Korea needs to purge its leaders.  They’ve been wrong for too long.

The North Korean people need a break before their dear leader turns his country into a glass parking lot.