Trump Bing Bong

Previously it was Mana Mana

And now this:

And there’s more but that’s enough zeros and ones for one day.

Conversations Of Interest

I suddenly became interested in Joe Rogan when Alex Jones flew from Texas to LA and appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience #911.  A high ride of almost four hours of rousing and inspiring conversation.

The following is an interesting conversation between

Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes

Such a great conversation.  A tip of the SeeHear hat to your inspiration to me.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch #920 again.

I remember Johnny Carson and all the talk shows but now we’re in the 21st century.

The above is a most special and unique conversation between two media philosophers and a privilege to be privy.  Which is almost a poem in your bowl except for the silent p in philosophers.

Who Are You?


Me?  Who am I?  I’m someone who wants freedom prosperity health and happiness.  And love.

Well, not that kind of love.

I believe there is new hope happening.  A man has just been elected who already is bringing bucks back to America, cutting taxes, cutting TPP and other non bilateral crap.  A man obviously against the new world order and someone who wants the average American to feel good and be prosperous.

Donald John Trump, someone I believe is right for the time.  A wild and crazy guy learning not to be quite so wild.  And he just seems perfect for the crazy times we live in.  The dichotomy continues.

The problem is the swamp is resisting being drained but inevitably will be drained, a lot.

And I believe that if they freeze George Soros’ bank account, all the paid by the hour interlopers and mercenaries will fade.  Hey wait a minute this guy is doing good stuff, more people will say.  Those on the Trump side are saying wow this is fantastic while those on the Hillary side are still saying, what do you mean we lost and now we must reinvent the party first as a goofus opposition then…..maybe we’ll find something good.

And we will be left with honest protests that can be debated.  Peacefully.

Ya think?

I Like This Guy

President Trump.  I like him even better now.

The following is the press conference uncut.

As I said, I like this guy.  I’m Canadian so I couldn’t vote but if I were born in America I would have.  Why?  Because if you believe in freedom and truth and making America great again, the American people voted in a president who I believe is the best man to do it.

Joe Rogan

Before Joe Rogan and his interview with Leah Remini and their amazing discourse on scientology, here’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Leah Remini should meet Jennifer Lawrence.

And now, here’s Joe Rogan with Leah Remini.

The above is The Joe Rogan Experience #908.

Also, check out The Joe Rogan Experience #911.


Jennifer Lawrence should meet Leah Remini.

Maybe they have?