Domini Domini We’re All Digital Now

Here is a vinyl copy of Winelight by Grover Washington Jr

Copied from an analogue machine with a rotating disc, then converted to digital which I’m receiving by way of my computer and my bluetooth wireless speaker.  Sounds great.  But since it’s a copy consisting of a bunch of zeros and ones, I assume it can’t sound as good as the original recording on magnetic tape that recorded actual acoustic frequencies that travelled through the air.

We humans are not actually digital now, most of us, but we are dealing now in a digital world such as cash that comes out of an ATM. Cash is still nice. Wish I had some.
I’d invest in memory cards to further preserve the purity of the original sound.  But wait, that’s already digital, must preserve previous tapes.
Because with computers it could all disappear in a flash.

As we embrace this amazing time where now almost everyone is united across the world by way of their handheld computers which also amazingly let you make phone calls….
I still prefer a hello across the room to someone right there texting me.

Time to boldly go forth as humans. Let’s use this stuff without becoming it.  Pretty cool though huh?  As in,


From stone age to this?  Let’s not screw it up.

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

Les Paul, the inventor of multitrack audio, and his wife, Mary Ford,

are two people I remember.

Two people who made a difference with their wonderful talents, then with Les Paul’s multi-tracking they changed the sound of what people had heard before.

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How To Make An Ad

The first radio ad I made was for the Kenora Bingo Club.  It included Porky Pig saying, emeneuhmene oh boy!  I got such a laugh that I decided that the only advertising I want to do is that which makes people laugh.

Here’s my first and last ad sold over the internet.

At the time I had my own studio and would write something and and then lift it off the page into an actual recording.

I was greatly influenced by certain cool Hollywood ad guys who wrote consistently funny radio ads such as Chuck Blore Don Richman, Alan Barzman and others.  Hollywood, their stuff was cool then and gave me the fortitude to write funny ads.

So, here’s how you write a funny ad.

First, you must convince your client that you are the person for the Job.

Once you get the job you become a funnel for the client’s corporation.

Two, you distill all the info down looking for blips, anomalies, quirks,  something anything you might make funny, yet drive home the selling points.

Three, much thinking on your part happens till you get a flash, write it on a serviette and finally expand it to its full blown idea which is accepted and after the confetti the marketing is now out of your hands, as the writer.

How I came up with my ads seems like I don’t know.  You assimilate the info and you wait.  Sumpn gotta cook first.  It’s a kind of meditation where instead of nothing, everything is whirling to extract a great idea.

And you as the writer and creator of a funny ad wins or not.  It’s a leap of faith in yourself that you can do it.

Thank you.  And the same to you Mr Middlefinga.

The following is half Vancouver and half Hong Kong.

Never got to Hollywood.  Go for it.  Write something.  Do it.

What have you got to lose?  Time.

And of course I’m available for vo, consultant, wedding advisor (I’ve advised to many, don’t marry), producer, consultant did I mention that and other stuff.

For those of interest in contacting me re the above my switchboard is actually my email but that’s okay.  We didn’t get many calls.