Greatest Nerds Today

For me it began with Two And A Half Men so I bought the series.  Then Ashton Kucher became Charlie and I found myself at The Big Bang Theory. Bought the series, and soon I began to notice the name of Chuck Lorre popping up for both shows.

Not being that smart at the time, somehow, I made the transition to the new show, all about science, and over time and repeated viewings of these shows, I began to become more astute and to understand what they were saying.

Suddenly it all became clear.

This is the funniest show I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling on the floor for.

Thank you Chuck Lorre.

It’s Christmas

Bells are jingling as Trump starts to say what he will do.

Meanwhile I can’t help but continue to watch the episodes and compilations of The Big Bang Theory, laugh out loud funny, to me.

O’ Lucky Man

Probably the first time I was awakened was by the movie O’ Lucky Man.

It was crazy yet it was true.  This was 1973.  There was much before but this was a pivot so unexpected.  For me it was….

When crazy began to become the norm.

Mr & Missus Gender

It’s like nothing else matters except where do you put the males who wanna be girls, the girls who wanna be guys and all those other supposed genders.  How do we redefine male female bathrooms?


I couldn’t find a picture of an armadillo or platupus, thoughtful entries for that transgender door so I’m left with what I thought before, boys you can go in the bathroom clearly marked as Boys with that little cartoon reminder that if you have a penis enter here.  Girls go in the door marked Girls.  If any leftovers don’t know what you should do, choose one or the other or go pee outside.

I’m a little ashamed to have spent this much time on this topic but hopefully those caught up in the rhetoric as I was can now say,

Who cares

Cue the orchestra!