Gather Round




Back in the day of radio, people would gather in their living room parlour salon to hear their favorites.

Later in the sixties by way of vinyl recordings we were introduced to

The Firesign Theatre.  I was going to choose this.


But I think I was most impressed by All Hail Lennon and Marx and they showed pictures of John Lennon and Groucho Marx.  The first segment of Ralph Spoilsport had me.

Daryl’s House

I’m a fan of Daryl’s House where great real live music happens.

And, as the riots set in the sunset as George Soros is captured and the paid rioters don’t get the cheque, they will go away.

“Just stop” as Donald Trump said,

I retreat in a virtual way to Daryl’s House, amazed at the talent, the memory of great songs, the incredible quality of this home video audio studio and it’s occupants. I’m just a self educated audio guy but hey, this is good stuff. I will watch more of their great one takes altho post is there but doesn’t call attention to itself. And it’s still done in what looks like one take. Beautiful stuff.

Celebratory frequencies and they all turn up at the end.

Happy music.

One question, where’s John Oates?  Daryl?

future post TRUMP WINS!

Still, Hillary might win, although I have grave doubts.

Imagine what’s going through Hillary’s mind as she tries to be the next president.  Even if they stole the election the movement will not stop.

It won’t work.

There is a film called  Man of the Year.

Here’s the trailer.  Familiar?


For those not familiar with the story, there was a glitch in the voter machines and America elected a comedian.

Time is compressing for some reason.  I wondered why they were recreating more bat man movies, X folks, Superman, seems Captain Marvel has suffered so far but watch for that.  Even The Thing was resurrected for a third time.

Donald Trump is not a comedian.  He’s an industrialist with experience.

Instead of voting for Kleptodevilevilbadlogicpoorjudgement Hillary,

Why not vote for the other guy, already a great success and willing to throw away his billions for the chance of America, just give everything to his kids so that he might become something great for America by making America great again.  Wow, that’s my kind of guy.