Thinking.  About dying, war, poverty, and to give myself a break from these thoughts, I think about what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is being in touch with everything alive.  Sorry, cannot trust snakes, their symbol is evil.  Friendly but eventually they’ll bite you.  And aside from mosquitoes I don’t swat anything, being so fascinated by their very being.  Just today, I saw a dragonfly inside the house looking through the window and wondering why he couldn’t just fly out.  An invisible barrier, the window, beyond the dragon fly’s comprehension.  I put down my finger and in a moment we connected.  The dragon fly realised that I wanted to help and quit fluttering and anchored himself on my finger.  I put my hand out the window saying fly away dragon fly.  His tiny claws gripped my finger.  He didn’t want to go.  You must, I intoned.  You’ll starve if you stay here and blew a gentle wind up his backside.  Ok he said and off he went.

My final insect story is because of an encounter with a certain bug comfortably sitting on my finger, a preying mantis.  I was amazed that it would sit there comfortably and let me examine it at such close range.  Then I turned my finger opposite and it turned the other way and looked me in the eye.  That was my first contact with insects.  Later I made the same kind of contact with moths and more dragon flies, flys?

I continue to be fascinated with all species, humans too.

Smile while I take a picture of you from my bathroom here on Samui.

Let me know how it turns out for you.




What Are You Watching?

I’m watching the election, yay Trump, local Samui news, the universe and the rest of the planet.  The election is fascinating.  The world’s best reality show.

And this

And, the historic legacy which we can’t seem to figure out.  You have to wonder, when will peace be more logical than war.

When I watch this it reminds me of my trip to Egypt and why I’d like to go again.

Meanwhile, Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas.

Take A Break


It’s important to take a break from all the stress we face daily.

I like comedy and music especially when inspired by the sheer brilliance of something, so many things.

Although I’ve always abhorred war, it’s been with us since our humanity began.  ?  Sorry, back to the break.   Complaint, Boom Boom Boom Boom wasn’t on the vinyl album I bought back then.

The American Election

Matt Drudge said ‘vicious’.  Yes but why?

What seems clear to me is Donald Trump will be America’s new president.

That being the case, have a look at this.

Thank you Nora for a beautiful moment of respite.

Invasion From Planet Elsewhere

For years we’ve heard of a fake alien invasion.  Can you feel it?

As the US election draws near The Press such as CNN, the Clinton News Network, is being briefed on how not to have a major faux pas they had in 9/11 where the BBC reported that Building 7 had just fallen yet you could clearly see the building standing, behind the reporter.

Remember Reagan saying, what if we had an invasion from outer space, our differences would vanish and our planet would unite.  And now, the fake invasion from outer space looks imminent.  ?

Later, Bill Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel Show said the same thing.

Meanwhile back here on earth, Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Where’s the shirt?  As Hillary might say, Get me the shirt you f…n….

Oh, sorry, here it is.bill-shirt

I think the contest is over by now but Alex Jones said,

if you wear this shirt on national tv for five seconds, and get the words out, Bill Clinton is a rapist, Infowars will give you one thousand dollars for the five second exposure and five thousand dollars if you get to speak the words.  A lot of people did it.  So many that they drained the hundred thousand dollar budget of the contest.  And people kept doing it saying they don’t care about the money.

This is not a political site but I find this particular US election fascinating and nuts so stay tuned.

The View From Samui




Scene From Top Secret

Top Secret, a hilarious movie, this sequence is not available by request to embed.

I feared for my neighbor who’s wife had a Pinto.  She’s fine.  Another friend in a Pinto in Australia, Canadian, travelling the country, he and his wife were in an auto fire, dunno what the make or model.  They survived.

Sorry, can’t think of a really good point for this post other than, if you can, don’t buy a Pinto.

I don’t have an electric car, yet.  They’re too finicky although I like the idea that the Prius can run your home or at least some of it.  The HyBrid, an amazing invention for the interim while we gravitate to the magnet motor that will run electrics till the battery dies.  Then pop in a new battery and carry on.  The magnet motor must run the electric motor to replenish power to the battery while on the go.  Then when you stop you can always go again.  No such thing as a recharge.

If I could have a Tesla electric car I think I would be happy but although I applied to be the dealer on Koh Samui they said they were concentrating on America, which I could understand, whether they knew of the magnet motor or not.  But I know they know.  They’re just making or receiving so much money they can’t turn it down in favour of enjoying an entrepreneurial adventure.  Money now over future money and a whole better existence.  Too bad.

If we had a money trough we could put out our own cars and other craft.

Yes, a money trough to create the magnet motor for everything electrical on the planet which would uh make money.



Music Videos

I used to hate music videos because they visually created a contrary drama to the tune that was never in my head, until James Taylor did a music video that was him and his band in a studio recording one of his hits, the story being in his words and music, not some fantasy you’re supposed to watch. When music videos were young, they sucked the music out of the song and turned the video into a lesser viewpoint.  Ah, but now they’ve gotten better, I think.

This has been my favourite video and song for a while.

The above has been my fav music vid for a while.  It’s the beautiful subtleties that endear me to watch it more than once.



Short Break From Everything Awful

It began with American Idol.

As it rolled out you could eventually see the amazing and now global business opportunity, a new one or maybe a high tech twist on something not so new.

By now that original show has been franchised to much of the world and of course all the spinoffs.  You need a big budget to go around the country auditioning those who may have talent.  I think it was 20 bucks to be in that audience.  A phenomenon of its time.  And I still love it because it finds dreamers who might not have been found without it.  For all the participants it’s a casino worth gambling in.

Now, with thanks to youtube, our break from awful comes from real and talented people in a real live event, events with a big audience, musical moments from those shows.  And joy.  Nice.  Hope you click and take a break.

Ok, break’s over.  Those who must, get back to awful.  The rest of us, you sir walking backwards pretending you’re coming in.  You look like a good guy who also wants to save the world.  Any more like you?

I’m Against The War On Christmas

Wow, October, now Christmas is just around the corner.

The tactics on the war on Christmas came before the great influx.  Obviously a plan of interesting origin.

Here’s what I’m listen to:

So hey, Merry Christmas!

If you think that’s the last time I say that, the truth is it won’t be just the first time.