Not Donald Trump, his VP, Yay?

Millie Millenial, aka, Millie Weaver, weaves a neutral web which shows the gigantic yes for Trump.

Donald Trump gets great big audiences, Hillary gets ziss, where they close in the walls of the gym to make the audience look bigger.

Here’s Millie, collecting opinion from a random group of nice Americans.

Not Donald Trump, it’s Mike Pence, Trump’s VP showing up.

Almost as good says the big crowd.

It shows the predicted landslide for Trump.  Got a feeling about the second debate that Trump won’t be so nice.  But Hillary has a secret weapon.  If Trump is too mean she just has to keel over from all the truth bombs and Trump will be viewed as a bully for such a vicious yet true attack against a woman.


Trump or Hillary.

Trump.  Oh please, not Hillary.

Why?  The list is long and includes jobs from the countries that made US products cheaper.  Thank you, China.  You saved America as we did you.  Times up.  We’re bringing our companies back home to make things even better, again.  Not an easy thing considering that originally, Japan was the cheap labor after the war.  They got better.  Then Taiwan was the home of cheap labour but they corralled the chip market for the world.  Then China took on the mantle of labouring cheapest, copied everything made in America up to now.

Trump is saying, America, come home and I’ll make it as good for you as I can.  But if you stay out there, there will be a new charge for bringing in your foreign made goods with the American name on it.

I was five years old when I drove to America from Canada the first time.  Actually my grandfather was driving with my grandma at his side.  I was all excited sitting in the back seat waiting to visit America for the first time.  And I was rewarded, Tootsie Rolls, unavailable in Canada were available in Pembina, North Dakota.  Wow, what a country I thought in my five year old mind, they’ve got Tootsie Rolls!  I tried moving to the US most of my young life but was never successful and now I’m glad.  As a Canadian and also citizen of Hong Kong, I’m currently perched on this tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand with all the accoutrements of big cities, computers, smart phones, everything digital, smart people, good malls, lots of choice, not like big cities but for a simple bumpkin like myself it’s ok.

So, that’s my first rant on Trump and Hillary.

Y’all come back ya hear?


The New SeeHear


Originally, See Hear began with Egypt, a trip I took when Anwar Sadat was president.  I was travelling with my girlfriend and her friend, a lady who wore an earring that was an eyeball on her ear.  Eventually that became See Hear Productions Ltd, a creative ad company, English, in Hong Kong, and now it’s this.

SeeHear Something Say Something.

While it’s happening we want to cover the American Election, perhaps the strangest in the history of the country.

We want to push the magnet motor into existence so that battery operated vehicles will lose their problem of range.

So who, you may ask, will help us.

We are currently in touch with the Trump campaign, promoting the magnet motor and gravity control.  We are not in touch with Hillary.

I want seehear to be a fun sight as well as serious.

Anything goes.  Nothing is categorized.  If you want to post a funny, provocative, strange, weird, galaxian, interdimensional, or something that’s just plain interesting, welcome.

SeeHear Something?  Say something.


You mean right now?  What could be most interesting?  Perhaps the US election?  Well, that’s one thing.  The universe?  What a wonder.

On this platform the choice is yours but remember I’m the editor so if you post something goofy, we love ya, if you post hateful we might take you down.